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A warm and holistic approach to healing.

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aspera therapy was created to provide specialized care to treat trauma and relationship issues. Together, we enter a brave space and begin your path toward healing.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy will allow us to explore your unique story. We treat the spectrum of mental health issues and offer specialized care in the treatment of trauma and adverse life experiences through EMDR therapy.

Couples Therapy

Couples seek therapy for many different reasons. We will work together to identify the best path for you as a couple and work toward resolving the pain that leads to destructive conflict and/or isolation.

Meet the team

We have a team of highly trained professionals with specialized training in the treatment of trauma and EMDR. Each clinician has their additional areas of specialization including couples therapy, complex trauma and PTSD, eating disorders, addiction, relationship issues, and adolescents.


Stephanie Godwin, LMFT

“I truly believe you already have everything you need to heal inside of you. Therapy is a unique environment designed to point you to the inner wholeness you had all along.”


Elizabeth Karlinski, LMFT

“I believe true courage lies in our ability to ask for help. My therapeutic goal is to create the safe environment necessary for clients to face the challenges that threaten their relationships, well-being, and quality of life.”

Michael Baglieri,


“All people are inherently resilient and possess what they need to find healing pathways towards an engaged and meaningful life.”

Tara Adams,


I believe people have the capacity to heal and the ability to access inner strength. I help people along their journey by building a therapeutic relationship and provide mental health treatment tailored to the client’s needs.”

We look forward to hearing from you!

It is a privilege to work with you as you take some brave steps to enter the healing process.

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